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Watches and Their Types

A time keeping device is known as a watch. This timepiece is either put on or carried by a person. The design of a watch is so that it will not be interfered with in the event of any activity of a person. There are two kinds of watches, namely a pocket watch and a wrist watch.

The two different kinds of watches are carried around in different ways. The initial watch was mechanically built and derived power from winding a mainspring. Clocks are also made to be quite expensive apart from just keeping the time.

Watches were then developed to keep, in addition to time, date, day, month and year. Some watches are designed to be moved or to work by the use of electric power. With the electronic watches also came features like calculators and alarm functions incorporated into the watch. We currently have smartwatches whose specifications are similar to those of a digital cellphone.

The mechanism for operating the clock was that of a spring. The watch was even made more automatic to self-wind without having to intentionally wind it. The pocket watch was the watch that was to initiate the then self-winding mechanism. The mechanism in a self-winding watch enables it to move without it being wound. The watches can be turned by a manual process of winding by the hand in special cases when it needs manual winding.

In the case of electronic watches powered by batteries, it is essential to have the battery changed at a watch repair shop to avoid causing harm to the watch. A feature like the water resistance in an electronic watch could be tampered with if done without the aid of a knowledgeable person. There is also a type of electronic watches that are designed to use light energy to power their batteries.

The major difference with all watches are whether they have a manual or an electronic display. The analog watch is recognized by the show of three hands that show the hour, the minutes and in some cases the seconds. These are the kinds of watches that are designed into jewelry and have a wide range of designs on the display.

Only numbers appear on the face of a digital watch. There is also an additional feature in some watches to make them glow in the absence of light to show time. With advancement in technology, there have been designed watches for the deaf and blind that are able to “talk” by pressing a button.

The primary function of a watch is to keep time though many other advanced features have been added to it over time. One should be able to take good care of a watch just like in the case of any other gadget so that it works perfectly and has long life. It is recommended to have a timepiece checked by a professional for service or repair in case it is faulty.

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